Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ottawa Fashion Week 2010

Hello Ottawa Fashionistas!

I think the blog should be ready soon! Tania and I just had our first meet-up about the blog yesterday (Friday,) and we put all of our ideas together, and it's looking pretty good. As you can see on the right of the page, there are some sections already available, but non of them has info in it, be patient they're coming.

Tania Managed to make an Interview with the famous designer Jessica Biffi, so the Interview should be soon available to all of the Fashionistas of Ottawa.

Anyhow, I found a Picture of Tania and I from the Ottawa Fashion Week. It's not the best picture ever because we were too excited to take picture of other people. We forgot to be a little selfish and take pictures of ourselves, we'll definitely know for the next time.

Have a nice weekend, and we'll keep you Guys and Galls updated :)


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