Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Ruby of Bank Street!

As you all know Berlin and I went to take a look at that famous store we were talking about previously. Remember the one with the funky looking mannequins? Well this is the store we are talking about! Ruby X, is located at 243 Bank Street Ottawa. It was kind of windy that day but it was totally worth it to have a look, and tell you Fashionistas what it is all about.

If you are interested in dresses and coats well this store is definitely for you, fashionable and unique in every way!

The ambiance of the store was very cozy, when we entered the store we were greeted with warm welcome from the lady at the register.  

Speaking for the men section, there wasn’t really anything that caught my eye, but there was this stunning black bag on the shelf which was 59.99 $. It’s not too expensive and it was a pretty convenient bag, big, many pockets with a long and a small strap so that you can whether put it on your shoulder or just hold it in your hands. Apart from bag, there were some nice trendy shirts with original designs. Jeans were also available and the prices were quite affordable.

In the women section, there was certainly more variety of styles. Overall I was quite pleased with the wide selection of clothes for women. Starting from Shoes to dresses, shirts, pants, hand bags and more, there was something for any type of girl! Something that came up often when we looked was definitely the fur vests. These Japanese looking vests were just fabulous! I hope I’ll see some of these vests in the downtown core of Ottawa!

Have a great weekend Fashionistas!!!  

Tania & Berlin


  1. ruby x is definitely my favorite little spot for unique finds in the city


  2. Adore Ruby X! Last time I went I picked up a baby blue shorts jumper which looked like the ones in Ottawa Fashion Week. Best part was it was 50% off. I was tempted by a fur collar which was on sale too.