Thursday, November 11, 2010

Red as a Poppy !

Today was the Remembrance Day. For many of you, you recognize this day by the beautiful red flower called “Poppy” and also for the 1 min or silence.  In order to give respect to all the men and women who fought for us, I am writing this little article. It obviously took me more than a minute of silence to write this, but hopefully for you Fashionistas it will only take a silent minute of your time.

Poppies are only 25 cents, which is nothing compared to a coffee. The flower itself is very nice, so Ottawa Fashionistas I hope that today you manage to pay respect by wearing one on you.

Enjoy what’s left of today, and by the way, tomorrow Tania and I are going to that boutique I was previously talking about... the one with the funky looking mannequins. Hopefully it will be open.  

Sweet dreams Fashionistas,

- Berlin

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