Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why can’t weekends be longer?

Good evening Fashionistas!
Sunday evening already? Wow where did my weekend go? Today I was thinking about what we could add to our blog.  So I came up with this brilliant idea that I should go in stores and boutiques all around the downtown core of Ottawa. Since Tania and I are Tourism students, why not concentrate in touristic stores and boutiques from Ottawa? The fashion industry is really big; therefore there is something for absolutely everyone who is interested about fashion.
 This week, I’m planning to go downtown in some stores/boutiques in the Byward Market. I will go try some new looks and then give an average price, I’ll try to go cheap because cheap prices are always good. That means you can buy more. Do you get my logic? It’s quite easy isn’t it? Buy more with less!  right!?
Last week end when I was in the market there was this store that struck my attention. It’s called Ça va de sois, does anyone know that boutique? It’s located on Sussex Drive, close to the embassy of the United-States. From the window the clothes seemed to be really nice and trendy, It’s definitely a must go for me this week.  Also, last Friday, around 9 pm I went out with some friends on Bank Street and there was this store with funky looking mannequin, I had seen it before but I never went inside. The clothes on the mannequin were just so nice that I just wanted to go inside and try everything (Okay, maybe not everything but you get what I mean right?) I’ll definitely go there this week and try some things out.  Maybe I’ll even buy something.  
Bank Street with cute lighting

If anyone has recommendations on what stores they would like Tania and I to go to, please let us know, we are open to everything.  Write us an e-mail or just post something on the blog so people can have ideas too.
Ottawa Fashionistas, I hope you didn’t forget to change your clocks this morning, if you didn’t well it’s not too bad, at least you got and extra hour for your beauty rest! Enjoy what’s left of the weekend and we’ll keep you Guys and Galls updated.

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